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Have you ever canceled your plans because you don’t have money to spend? Are you still planning your vacation for years and postponing it each year because you are running out of your budget over and over again every year? Maybe you are not overspending, but you are not earning enough? This is why learning to invest properly is important.

Let’s get straight into the topic, how to start investing as a beginner? Well, everyone is a beginner at some point, even Bill gates was a beginner once. What you need is the desire and you already have it and that’s why you are here reading this. I’m going to guide you from A to Z and by the time we finish you are going to learn about investment types, investment companies, compound interest calculator, best short term investments, and whatnot and yes you are welcome in advance:

As the first step, you need to start thinking about your investment goals, your timeline for the investments, the risk you are willing to take etcetera. For your convenience, I will list them so if you already have knowledge of a particular topic you can just jump into the topics you want to learn about.

"Investing is allocating your money in one or more investment methods in order to potentially increase the initial amount you put on that process. In simple words, it is letting your money work for you and earn for you."

Investing is allocating your money in one or more investment methods in order to potentially increase the initial amount you put on that process. In simple words, it is letting your money work for you and earn for you.  When people think about investing the first method that comes in to their mind is investing in stocks. It’s a good investing method, but no that’s not the only way of investing.

Start as early as possible. Why? Because investing is not something you learn overnight. The earlier you start more time you get to experiment. But the most important thing about investing early is compound interest.  When there is compound interest, you are earning returns not only on your initial investment but also on the accumulated returns of your investments. For instance, think about investment banking. The interest on most of the savings accounts is calculated on a compound basis. But interest on savings accounts is usually a very low amount and that is why we need to move out of the box to find out the best investment methods with higher returns. You can easily calculate compound interest using the compound interest formula or a compound interest calculator by yourself.

Decide how much you plan on investing. This is a very important decision to make. Because your investment can either be successful or not depending on the risk factor of your chosen investment method and also on your experience. You don’t want to lose all your savings trying to figure out investing. It is wise to start with a small amount and eventually increase while getting used to the game of investing. And also, don’t put all your money on one investment method.


Returns from your investments can vary depending on different market conditions. However, it is very rare that all the investment categories react to the market conditions in the same way. That is why asset allocation is important. When you create an investment portfolio instead of putting all your money in one investment category, or stocks of one company you are more likely to survive any unfavorable market condition.

Set a personal framework for your investment goal. Ask yourself these questions. How much can you afford to invest at the moment? How much of a passive income are you expecting from your investments? Can the investment methods you are planning to invest in, be liquified soon in case of an emergency? Investing on non current assets like lands and properties carry a very low risk factor compared to some of the investment methods, but they are not easy to liquidate. Therefore, if that’s the plan, you might need to maintain a savings account to respond to your emergency financial needs. 

Consider your risk tolerance. How much of a risk are you willing to take? And most importantly how much of a risk can you afford to take? Your investments might not give you the most favorable returns under certain market conditions. Or in worst scenarios you might even lose the principal amount you invested. This is another reason why you should invest in an investment portfolio. But apart from that, it is very important to understand the risk and plan your investment wisely. If investing is risky why are we risking out our money on investing? The simple answer is : with the right financial strategies you can oversee the potential risks and make the most out of your investments over the years.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are many investment opportunities other than the so famous investment method of stock investments. Each investment type has its own features, risk factors and investment returns. In the following you will find different types of investments you can invest your money on

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Investment funds
  • Investment banking
  • Retirement/ Retirement plans
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Insurance
  • Investment property
  • Real estate investment trusts

You can find everything you need to know about these investment types in our next article.

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