Must have winter jackets for women

Hello girlies, if you are looking forward to upgrading your winter coats collection, these are the 5 most essential winter jacket types you need in your closet. With this post, I am bringing you the most elegant and classy winter jacket ideas for women in 2022 with pictures and links to the shopping sites for each winter piece. I have broken down the topics so you can jump straight into what you are looking for.

1. Trench coat
2. Teddy coat
3. Puffer jacket
4. Cape coat

A trench coat is a fashionable and timeless wardrobe item every girl should own. Most of them are designed to be waterproof so you can wear them in snowfalls as well as in rain. And the best thing about investing in a trench coat is that you can pair it with any piece of clothing. From jeans to dresses, it matches perfectly with everything while adding a stylish and feminine look to your appearance. 

Beige Trench Coat Women

Black Trench Coat women

Camel color trench coat women

2.Teddy Coat

A teddy coat is a cozy and stylish winter piece that you can add to your winter coats collection.  You can layer it over a sweater and can match it with jeans, denim pants, or tailored trousers. Moreover, this soft and timeless outerwear can be worn throughout Autumn to the winter. The only downside is that it is not waterproof so you can not wear it through heavy snowing or in rain.

Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are made with creating synthetic insulation which provides a perfect warmth in harsh winters. Puffer coats can be styled with pants as well as skirts and dresses. For a more chick look, you can add a belt to your puffer jacket. What I like the most about puffer jackets is that you can wash them without worrying about it taking out their new look. In fact, washing and drying it in low heat may give it a more fluffy and new look.


A chesterfield coat is very stylish and professional at the same time and it’s a perfect addition to your jacket collection. It usually comes as a knee-length overcoat with velvet collars. It’s a timeless wardrobe piece that keeps you warm and cozy while adding an elegant look to your outfit.


A maxi coat is a long ankle-length coat that usually comes with shoulder pads. Maxi coats can be styled with jeans and boots and more importantly, these coats are petite-friendly. In addition, for a more elegant look, you can add accessories like shades and hats. Not just in winter, maxi coats are a very famous wardrobe item in fall as well. In conclusion, It’s one of those wardrobe items that you can wear for an effortlessly chic look in more than one season of the year


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